I never knew HFCS was in bread (even whole wheat) until recently.  That being said, I’ve looked at the packaging of various breads, rolls, bagels, and wraps in the past few days.  My initial experience tells me that it’s in most breads and rolls (hamburger, hotdog, etc…)…but it usually isn’t in bagels, english muffins, or wraps (all of the whole wheat variety).

Be careful when choosing your grains.  I try to keep my grains/bagel consumption low anyway (like early morning and lunch only)

High fructose corn syrup is artificially man-made, which turns cornstarch into a syrup. Since it is not a sugar, but is a processed starch, the human body does not process it like it does sugars. This makes HFCS affect the body in ways related to starches, not sugars. It has been proven to increase the chances of obesity more than sugar consumption, and HFCS does not increase insulin production when consumed, so you eat more of it than you would a sugared food. This makes people gain weight much easier, which leads to other health issues. It’s not sugar, and overall, it’s not good for the body. It’s much worse than other sweeteners, especially sugar, because it is a starch, fraudulently pretending it is a sugar.